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Everyday Math
Everyday Math offers your child lots of experiences in a wide variety of math concepts.  Some of those concepts in the Third Grade Everyday Math curriculum include:
Numeration: Counting patterns; place value; reading and writing whole numbers through 1,000,000; fractions, decimals, and integers.
Operations and Computation: Multiplication and division facts extended to multi-digit problems; working with properties; operations with fractions and money.
Data and Chance:  Collecting, organizing, and displaying data using tables, charts, and graphs; exploring concepts of chance.
Geometry:  Exploring 2- and 3- dimensional shapes and other geometric concepts.
Measurement and Reference Frames: Recording equal units of length; recognizing appropriate units of measure for various items; finding the areas of rectangles; using multiplication arrays, corrdinate grids, thermometers, and map scales to estimate distances.
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra: Finding patterns on the number grid; solving Frames-and-Arrows puzzles having two rules; completing variations of "What's My Rule?" activities; exploring the relationship between multiplication and division; using parentheses in writing number models; naming missing parts of number models.
Unit Goals

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